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Audio Players Compared

A comprehensive review of various audio players available for different types of evangelism and ministry. Compare players, pros and cons, cost, ease of use, security features, size, volume levels, types of content or ease of content transfer, etc. Going on outreach or need to supply a missionary? Check out these players!

God's Story: From Creation to Eternity

This powerful 80-minute presentation of the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation covers the panorama of the Old and New Testaments highlighting God's plan to rescue fallen mankind. Available in more than 330 languages on DVD, video, VCD, audio cassette and audio CD. This resource has been used powerfully for evangelism and church planting globally.

Truth That Sticks

Today in the West, half of the people will not or do not read that much. However, you can begin creatively transforming the lives of this generation by using first-century methods of teaching through storytelling, drama, and dialog.

By using Bible stories, dialogue, drama, and songs, you can teach in the same way Jesus did to make disciples.

This is a creative tool to use in leadership, evangelism, or missionary work.

Telling God's Stories with Power

A complete and practical introduction to storying, especially for people who want to learn about using biblical storytelling in cross-cultural contexts and who want to train others to become storytellers. There are many fascinating accounts of tribal people responding to the Gospel through storytelling. A result of years of research and field testing, this book is a product of the author's own journey as he confronted the challenges of teaching the Bible in parts of the world where people are unaccustomed to a Western style of learning.

Making Disciples of Oral Learners

This booklet is a wonderful overall "starter" to help you understand the concepts of "orality" and the need for "oral strategies", like storytelling and other forms of oral communication, to reach the 4 billion people on planet earth who have yet to understand the Gospel. People who cannot, do not or will not read.

It can be read online in PDF format here.

Tell the Story: A Primer on Chronological Bible Storying

This book is an outstanding and valuable tool to learn the basics in how to "chronologically story" through the Bible. Start with how stories have impacted you and learn how oral learners 'think' and see the world. Use helpful worksheets to investigate cultures and worldviews around you, and plan a "story set" to reach the lost where you live. The book comes with a helpful CD, packed with further resources.

Following Jesus CD series

This 7 module audio CD series on Chronological Storying will prepare you to reach those who prefer a non-literate approach. The Following Jesus Series is a unique opportunity for any English speaker desiring to provide cross-cultural ministry to the world's orally lost.

The Story of God booklet

Sitting on a plane or a bus and want to tell someone the story of God simply and easily? Look no further than this little gem! Put it in your pocket or bag and take it to school or work to tell friends about Jesus. There is a picture on each page and Bible references to walk you, story by story, chronologically through the whole Bible from creation onwards.

The Glory Story

Using one sheet of notes and The Glory Story Old Testament DVD a person with no bible understanding can teach the whole of the Old Testament in just 2 hours. In a similar manner the New Testament can be taught in just 1 hour. This DVD is being used in 50 countries.